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Competitive Bodybuilding

Training for Competitive Bodybuilding

To be a competitive bodybuilder, you need to have Muscle Mass. Rich will divide your program into 2 phases.

Phase I: off-season training and eating/supplementation with will then lead you into…
Phase II: pre-content training and dieting for a successful venture into a bodybuilding contest.

To put it bluntly, Rich will get you into the BEST shape you’re ever been in. You, yourself will even look disbelievingly in the mirror and be Proud of what you’ve done with your physique.
Rich will begin, by showing you how to increase your muscle mass. After an assessment of your body composition based on visual examination via digital photos, your recent weight training, nutrition and supplement history, an exploration of your muscle and genetic family history, Rich will develop a program to significantly increase your muscle mass in the next ten weeks.
Rich will divide your goal to be a successful bodybuilder, into ten weeks blocks. We will evaluate your physique based on the digital photos you send me. We will make changes, based on what as accomplished in the previous ten week block and then plan out the next ten week block.
After you and Rich are satisfied with your muscular gains, Rich will focus on stripping off the body fat, and lean you out. The idea is to reduce your subcutaneous fat to the point it looks as if your skin is transparent and your muscles look if they are “Saran Wrapped”, that is optimally combine the look of being as muscular as possible with an extremely low body fat, which is what Rich calls a Winning Combination! This will be a completely different program from Phase I. These are tricks of the trade that you will utilize that will get you in peak shape.

Supplementation: based on Rich’s initial assessment, Rich will make recommendations for proper supplementation for maximum muscle growth. Likewise, during your pre-contest dieting phase, there is array of supplements that Rich will recommend that will rip the body fat off your physique.

Jim knew he would have to have a good plan, and for the plan he called upon bodybuilding senior statesman and preparation genius Rich Salke, Ph.D. Jim had known Rich, a national-level bodybuilder in the 80s and 90s, for twenty years. I knew that I needed Rich to oversee this thing and to monitor me as it unfolded. Rich is an absolute master at getting off bodyfat – the methods are severe and effective. Marty Gallagher