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Get to Know Rich Salke
Rich has been involved in the fitness industry – in a variety of capacities – for over a quarter of a century.  That makes him one of the most knowledgeable and sought-after Personal Trainers in the Metropolitan Washington Area.
He began his career as a competitive bodybuilder and emerged as a titled champion — one of the nation’s most accomplished in his class.  Now retired from bodybuilding, he brings his academic achievements, passion for fitness and exercise, commitment to a healthy lifestyle and time-tested formula for injury-free training to you.
Rich is educated as well as experienced in the many disciplines that comprise Personal Training.  He has a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science and has completed all of the requirements for his Ph.D. in the Physiology of Exercise (with the exception of his dissertation).  Published in various industry journals and newspapers, this former fitness show host has also been an instructor in the Kinesiology Department of the University of Maryland, teaching classes in the physiology of exercise, weight control through diet and exercise, and physical conditioning.
Today, he serves as a lecturer and trainer for the U.S. Secret Service – a role he takes tremendous pride in.  He trains seasoned agents that actually train new agents so they will pass their physical fitness tests and maintain the levels of fitness necessary to perform effectively in field operations.
Rich’s Personal Training Philosophy
Rich factors in your age, stage and physical and nutritional health when custom designing a personal training program that’s right for you. He maximizes your time in the gym for optimal results — maintaining a tight, regimented program that balances resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and nutritional counseling.
His top priority is to help you achieve a body that looks and feels better – one that is healthy and best prepared for life’s many challenges.
Most importantly, Rich believes there is no magic to being fit … no fancy words or complicated techniques.  He’s old school – it’s just blood, sweat and tears.  And, he’ll be there to guide and coach you to a better, healthier you.
Why not give Rich a call, or shoot him an email, for a free consultation?  Make today the day that you bring Rich’s brains and brawn together for the best results!