FAQs – Rich Bodies Gym



How do I know I’m getting a good trainer?

Sadly, you need a license to cut hair in the Washington Metropolitan area but no license, degree, or certification is required for a personal trainer. My recommendation is to find a trainer with a COLLEGE DEGREE. Much More important than a certification from a bogus, cottage industry association that passes out certifications like “candy” so to speak. I have a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, and am a Ph.D candidate in Exercise Physiology.

Do you use Pilates, balance/bosu balls in your training?

Joseph Pilates created Pilates training in the 1920’s to MAKE MONEY! Because a Hollywood celebrity endorses this program, makes it valid? This celebrity has no exercise science degrees, no exercise physiology background, but she has GREAT GENETICS!!! She is trying to pass off her great body that is a result of her heredity to a worthless form of exercise. I ask you, when was the last time you were walking down the street and you tripped over a balance/bosu ball holding a set of dumbbells over your head! All this kind of training will only improve your ability to hold a set of dumbbells over your head while standing on one of these balls. The concept is called “Exercise Specificity”. You want more balance walking down the street, then practice walking down the street.

Do you count calories, grams of carbs, fats and proteins in Your DIET Plan?

No, absolutely not! With my plan, I guarantee you will eat more, feel fuller and LOSE WEIGHT! ALL MY CLIENTS HAVE LOST BODYFAT. NOT just INCHES but Actually FAT WEIGHT. Find out first hand, My Secret Plan.

Do I need to train an hour three times a week to be successful?

No, if you’re willing to train with Great Intensity and you allow me to be extremely efficient with your training, and you follow my recommendations for activity outside of your time training with me, I will make you this Promise, “I will GET YOU FIT in as little as TWO WORKOUTS A WEEK, with each workout lasting no more than THIRTY MINUTES!!!!”